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Polarized Sunglasses
Designed to endure the rigors of intense, physical, high speed sports, these polarized sunglasses will minimize the impact of the sun’s harmful rays while gripping comfortably to your face.  The polycarbonate frames ensure they will not break or disfigure from the pressures of any sport.  The polarized lenses provide the truest vision with the least glare.  These are the perfect polarized sunglasses for freshwater or saltwater, inshore or offshore!
All Azores sunglasses come with a drawstring micro fiber bag which can be safely used as a non-scratch cleaning cloth. Refer to the blowfish image to determine which fit is right for you!
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Click on the model numbers to see the actual glasses! 

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
Model# Frame Lens
ACS4784072 Sunset Red Red Revo
ACS4781611 Silver Gray Mirror
ACS4780161 Charcoal Black Smoke Polarized
ACS4780361 Storm Gray Smoke Polarized
ACS4781640 Silver Rose Mirror
ACS4780162 Charcoal Black Brown Polarized
ACS4781672 Silver Red Revo
Polarized Sunglasses
Model# Frame Lens
ACS0990473 Lightening Green Aqua Revo
ACS0991161 Midnight Black Smoke Polarized
ACS0991172 Midnight Black Red Revo
ACS0990162 Charcoal Black Brown Polarized
ACS0990113 Charcoal Black Blue Mirror
ACS0991262 Bronze Brown Polarized
ACS0991171 Midnight Black Blue Revo
Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
Model# Frame Lens
ACS4293011 Marine Blue Gray Mirror
ACS4291161 Midnight Black Smoke Polarized
ACS4290165 Charcoal Black Yellow Polarized
ACS4291171 Midnight Black Blue Revo
ACS4291262 Bronze Brown Polarized
ACS4293161 Ocean Blue Smoke Polarized
Polarized Sunglasses
Model# Frame Lens
ACS2154011 Sunset Red Gray Mirror
ACS2151171 Midnight Black Blue Revo
ACS2150161 Charcoal Black Smoke Polarized
ACS2151172 Midnight Black Red Revo
ACS2151111 Midnight Black Gray Mirror
ACS2150162 Charcoal Black Brown Polarized
Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
Model# Frame Lens
ACS1283111 Ocean Blue Gray Mirror
ACS1284072 Sunset Red Red Revo
ACS1280162 Charcoal Black Brown Polarized
ACS1283171 Ocean Blue Blue Revo
ACS1281262 Bronze Brown Polarized
ACS1281161 Midnight Black Smoke Polarized
ACS1283161 Ocean Blue Smoke Polarized
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