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Sunglasses for serious sportsmen and athletes!
Polarized Fishing SunglassesLooking for the highest performance and reliability in your gear? Are you testing the elements? Whether out on the open water, high on a snowy mountain ridge, or below the grueling summer sun, you need polarized sunglasses to provide UV protection, a clear view of your prey, a comfortable yet competent grip, and the durability to withstand an impact from a treacherous fall, a rogue wave or a hard-driven volleyball.
These polarized sunglasses are ideal for the angler, boater, sailor or water sport enthusiast.  The polarized lenses also work well to reduce the glare on the snow for skiers and snowboarders, on the beach for volleyball players and surfers.  Azores polarized sunglasses have a comfortable fit with rubberized grips to hold tight in the hills for climbers and mountain bicyclists, and wrap tightly for protection against the wind for motorcyclists, jet skiers and other fast paced sports.  Lifetime warranty!
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Azores is the exclusive sponsor for the hit TV fishing show Northeast Angling!  Azores polarized fishing sunglasses provide all the protection needed when spending a long day fishing on the water!  These polarized fishing sunglasses have been tested in the most extreme fishing conditions throughout the world!
Polarized Fishing Sunglasses
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